ddxof: version 4

View algorithms on the go with the ddxof mobile application. Available on iOS and Android.

Dark Mode

Introducing Dark Mode, switch your device's view preference and ddxof responds.

Better Search

New-and-improved search, find algorithms by specialty, symptom, and more.

Lightning Fast

ddxof version 4 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be as responsive and fast as possible.

Pick Your Style

Select one of three view styles that suits you best, a two-column view, single-column view, or plain text.

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The ddxof: mobile application version 4 is now available on iOS and Android. The latest release features dark mode support and is noticeably faster (including on older devices). Please give the app a rating or leave feedback and I'll try to work on highly-requested features.

Change Log

Version 4.5: 2/6/2021
Major performance improvements
Improved offline image caching
View algorithms in landscape mode
Version 4.1: 4/3/2020
Dark Mode: Support for dark mode detected based on device preferences.
Speed: Faster scrolling and improved performance on older devices.
Search: Improved searching sorted by relevance and incorporating post content.
View Preference: Choose your preferred view: masonry, single-column or text only.
Version 3.6.1: 1/17/2019
Interactive Algorithms: walk through step-by-step guides of selected algorithms
Enhanced Sharing: save images to your photo library or share directly as a text, email or on social media
Improved Performance: under-the-hood optimizations for notable enhancements in speed and stability
Version 3.1.5: 5/21/2018
Push notifications for new content
Performance enhancements application-wide
Consolidated refresh function, refresh all contents simultaneously
Smoother animation (NativeDriver)
Stability improvements, fixed bug with JSON parsing error
Version 3.0.1: 4/21/2018
Fixed swipe interaction on Favorites List
Version 3.0: 4/7/2018
Favorites: You can now mark algorithms and posts as favorites, they’ll be saved to your device for offline use and are searchable.
Improved performance: Multiple behind-the-scenes enhancements to ensure that access to algorithms is uninterrupted.
Improved search: Optimized search to help you find the algorithm you need quickly.
Version 2.4.2: 2/17/2018
Improved search
Version 2.4: 2/14/2018
Upgraded package dependencies
SQLite storage
Visual enhancements: revised header
iPhone X support
Version 2.3.2: 2/3/2018
Targeting Android , performance enhancements
Version 2.3: 1/28/2018
Bug fixes
Server-side caching to improve performance (>50% faster reloads)
Version 2.2: 1/22/2018
View all algorithms for posts with multiple
Read articles that don’t contain an algorithm
Tap screen on single algorithm view to hide options
Version 2.1: 1/2/2018
Lengthened baseline cache duration.
Full-size images cached
Pull-to-refresh for Recent and Search
Version 2.0: 12/29/2017
Similar appearance, code completely rewritten (by me!)
The application now shows a loading indicator during all loading screens
“Recent” screen shows 10 most recent posts (instead of waiting to load all), supports pull-to-refresh
Improved offline caching of images on post-list pages
“Favorites” feature removed, will be added later
Version 1.0: 11/29/2017
Initial release