ddxof:  mobile app

View algorithms on the go with the ddxof mobile application. Available on iOS and Android.


Use advanced search features to quickly find the algorithms you need


(Coming Soon)

Save commonly-used algorithms to an easily accessible list with "Favorites"


Share your favorite algorithms with friends. The application integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Email, and more


Sort algorithms by categories and tags

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The ddxof: mobile application is now available on iOS and Android. I'll be releasing regular updates focusing on stability, offline caching, and adding new features. Please give the app a rating or leave feedback and I'll try to work on highly-requested features.


Special thanks to the following groups and individuals for their support

LA Biomed

React Native

Kabir Yadav




The mobile application was funded thanks to a generous grant from LABiomed, a non-profit scientific research organization dedicated to saving lives throughout the world.

Built with React Native and a library of amazing, freely-contributed libraries.

Dr. Kabir Yadav is an Associate Professor in emergency medicine at Harbor-UCLA and was the faculty sponsor for the development of the mobile application.

Change Log

Version 2.2: 1/22/2018
View all algorithms for posts with multiple
Read articles that don’t contain an algorithm
Tap screen on single algorithm view to hide options
Version 2.1: 1/2/2018
Lengthened baseline cache duration.
Full-size images cached
Pull-to-refresh for Recent and Search
Version 2.0: 12/29/2017
Similar appearance, code completely rewritten (by me!)
The application now shows a loading indicator during all loading screens
“Recent” screen shows 10 most recent posts (instead of waiting to load all), supports pull-to-refresh
Improved offline caching of images on post-list pages
“Favorites” feature removed, will be added later
Version 1.0: 11/29/2017
Initial release

Upcoming Features

  • Display high-resolution or vector images
  • Add to favorites feature
  • Scrolling header (to provide more space for content)
  • Display multiple algorithm navigator when post contains multiple algorithms
  • Link to posts without algorithms
  • Improve state indicators across app (ex. loading)
  • Offline caching of images
  • Live update